Monday, November 5, 2007


Welcome to KlamBlog. The purpose of this blog is to keep the People of the Klamath River Basin and others who are interested in the Basin informed about what is going on in the politics of the Basin that is not making it into the mainstream media, is not available in "in-Basin" media or that is being spun by the media or others.

What you will get here, however, is mainly what is happening as seen by me. In other words, it's a perspective, one which I hope will enlighten, inspire, inform, outrage, surprise and motivate you to take action. Sometimes you will find an action alert; sometimes I'll share what others have written or press clips.

This blog is dedicated to the Politics of Truth which teaches that one must strive to speak the truth as one sees the truth. All of us have the capacity to know and speak the truth as we see it. None of us has a corner on the market. Underlying the Politics of Truth is the belief that we can not get to a good outcome by choosing to mislead, to revise the facts as we would like them to be, to lie.

Recently there are too many lies - to much false and misleading propaganda - being spread around about the Klamath and its politics. I am not speaking here about unintentional falsehoods; we all from time to time get things wrong. I am speaking about information and statements that intentionally misstate the facts, what happened in the past and current events. I am also speaking about actions that present themselves as one thing but are really quite different. Examples of the sort of actions I'll debunk include "fire risk reduction projects" that will actually increase fire risk and "stream restoration" projects that won't result in restoration and are actually more about benefits for some interest or other. This blog will pay special attention to unmasking these falsehoods; to debunking the propaganda.