Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feedback on Nov. 30th KlamBlog Post

This addition to the 11/30 KlamBlog post .....

The photo below is of the Scott River at Serpa Lane near Fort Jones. It was taken this July. In addition to low flow, you can see the tracks of cattle in the bed of the stream. Scott River farmers have received funding to exclude livestock from the Scott River. However, it is still very common there to see livestock or their tracks in the bed of the river as well as in tributary streams. The riparian vegetation visible in this picture is the result of a government funded bank stabilization project.

...... prompted one Northcoast restorationist to contact KlamBlog to inform us that cattle exclusion is required for 10-years when state or federal salmon restoration dollars are granted for riparian fencing. Scott Valley ranchers have successfully argued for seasonal grazing and river access zones for livestock watering. KlamBlog wui=

(Add basin plan violation here)


~ New Feature Coming to KlamBlog ~

In the weeks ahead KlamBlog will publish photos and commentary exposing some of the questionable projects
in the Scott Valley which have been funded with salmon and watershed restoration funds over the past 20 years.

KlamBlog is doing this because the California Department of Fish and Game is rhumored to be coming out soon with a proposal to give the local Scott Valley Resource Conservation District a master permit under which farmers and ranchers in the Valley would have permission to "take" Coho salmon. The Coho are listed as "threatened" under the California and federal Endangered Species Acts. The rancher-farmer dominated Siskiyou RCD would be Presumably this would insulate ranchers and farmers from responsibility if Coho are found dead on their property.

One of the arguments used to justify the "Take Permit" is the many millions of dollars spent "restoring' the Scott River. KlamBlog will show some of what this investment of taxpayer funds has financed. Stay tuned!


Bonus Photo ~
A typical July day in Scott Valley

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