Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep KlamBlog Indpendent and Non-commercial

Whatever your politics I hope you will agree that KlamBlog brings to light information and perspectives on Klamath River issues which are not available elsewhere. That is why I founded the Blog: as one antidote to the epidemic of secrecy and back room dealing that has become far too prevalent in the Klamath River Basin. But it takes time to uncover what others would like to keep hidden. KlamBlog takes 8 to 10 hours per week to research, write and distribute. Neither it nor I receive grant or organizational funding for that work; nor does KlamBlog accept advertising. But the financial burden of supporting KlamBlog through my other work has become problematic. That’s why I’m inviting you to make a contribution in support of KlamBlog’s continued existence. Your contribution will help keep KlamBlog independent and non-commercial.

Newspapers and other formal media sources have cut budgets for news collecting – many of them now rely on press releases for information. Press releases reflect the biases of the organizations which write them. As a result of the demise of independent, investigative news reporting the public has had to turn to non-traditional sources of information in order to keep informed. For the Klamath River Basin KlamBlog is the only non-traditional information source with both a biocentric perspective and a commitment to democratic process.

The blog is rooted in the belief that the public should be informed and involved in decisions about public resources. But experience has taught me that foundation funding and commercialization can compromise ones ability to just tell it like it is. Some foundations overtly use funding to control the agenda of organizations they fund. Others don’t interfere. But either way those who want to receive grants pay attention to what the foundations are funding and tailor their programs to conform to those foundation agendas.

KlamBlog has sought to avoid that funding game and its potential influence – however subtle - on the information presented and the opinions expressed on the blog. But that has become a financial burden. And so I am coming to you – KlamBlog’s readers – to help out.

Donations to KlamBlog are not tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to Felice Pace and mailed to 28 Maple Rd. Klamath, California 95548. Donors who wish to remain anonymous can use a money order or cashiers check.

Water – the source of life – is the most public of all resources. Help keep information on the management of water in the Klamath River Basin flowing. Please contribute if you can.

Felice Pace

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