Monday, January 28, 2013

Global Water Project unveils mural in the town of Orleans

Below you will find a press release from the Klamath Justice Coalition and the Estria Foundation about the dam removal mural they just completed with community members in Orleans. Those who love the Klamath and Klamath Salmon and want them restored agree that removal of four PacifiCorp dams is a key restoration action. River communities and salmon advocates remain divided, however, about the best path to dam removal as well as about how best to advance River and Salmon restoration. 

Below the press release you'll find links to on-line photos and a U Tube video documenting the painting of the mural. For more information contacNancy Hernandez at 510-698-6604. 

You can enjoy the mural in person at the Amayav Market in the town of Orleans along the Lower Klamath River. Amayav Market is an outdoor market located next to Highway 96 near the (indoor) Orleans Market. The mural is the seventh public mural in a global series dedicated to water issues coordinated by Estria Foundation .  

A local youngster examines the mural from close up

Here's the press release: 

The Klamath Justice Coalition, a community group along the Klamath River and the Estria Foundation announce the completion of a collaborative mural project. The mural is located at the Amayav Market, a local farmers market and space for community trade in Orleans California. Founded in 2009, the space promotes a sustainable economy and food security through local commerce. Weekly open air markets provide a space to exchange locally grown food, home cooked baked and canned goods, arts and crafts and reusable goods.

The mural is a collaboration between local artists, elders, youth, The Estria Foundation, and community organizers. Karuk artist, Brian David Tripp painted the woven baskets at the center of the image and played an integral role as an advisor in the project. Educator and artist, Annelia Hillman, painted much of the story of the place and the people and helped to guide the content of the image.

The mural portrays the story of the removal the dams from the Klamath River. Dancers are painted bringing balance back to the river with their world renewal ceremony. To their left are images of past industry and the effects left on the land and water; mine tailings from hydraulic mining, toxic algae from industrial farming and hydroelectric dams, and the fish kill of 2002. To their right is the vision of a future healthy river after the largest dam removal project in human history is complete; salmon are swimming strong, people are fishing and harvesting, and trade is strengthening the community. Coyote is represented in the center as a catalyst for change. The mural is completed by a frog foot pattern border, to symbolize healing.

The Estria Foundation, a public arts organization based in the Bay Area is painting murals about water across the globe in a series entitled #WaterWrites. The Klamath mural will be linked with projects completed in LA, Oakland, Honolulu, The Philippines, Palestine, and El Salvador. There are 5 murals in planning in different cities. For more information, visit www.estria.or 

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