Monday, May 4, 2015

Members of the Klamath Tribes question their leaders' deal making

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David and MIchelle Ochoa said...

I think this is well written all inclusive piece, and I am very proud we have those who can represent more of the memberships concerns. The letter released with Tribal Council endorsement was not approved by the General Council, I guess this falls under day to day business, however it continues to pit blame one one party against another and racism as the culprit rather than addressing the actions needed to find solutions, one of which is to not sign onto agreements that do not afford full representation or full disclosure to our tribal members and if disputes arise does not afford ample representation nor the ability to sue for impacts. Pitting people against each other is an old tactic of divisiveness used by the US Government to take the focus off their actions. We are not arguing about the water table use of the Pipeline or the Water bottling companies, nor the failure of Government agencies to hold irrigators responsible for their pollution to the waterways, but we're pitting Ranchers against tribes, and if not them Conservation groups against tribes who are farming, as well, on public lands. If people could take a bigger look at the hydrological cycle and what it needs to restore healthy waterways and ecosystems, we can see where true mistakes were and are being made, rather than cover them over with a blanket of bureaucratic legal documents to support natural resource degradation and false promises, we can fix the mistakes and make real difference in improving the health of the region, together. We just have to bring the right people with the purest intent to the table, not those who have their hands and interests in many pockets.